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If you're looking to clear your mind of negative energy and focus on all the positives this beautiful world has to offer, a reiki session with Amor is exactly what you need! She is a beautiful beam of light, whose aura brings natural healing powers and good vibes to those around her. Thank you for spreading love + light!

- Alex T

Amor is an enlightened soul. She hosts great reiki circles and I've had a few one on one Reiki sessions with her myself and would def recommend her if you're looking for some love + light.

- Jamie L.

Amor's reiki sessions are special for the simple fact that its a fully immersive experience. Its amazing to receive the universe's beautiful energy in such an inviting space.

- Everton A.

First time ever trying reiki with Amor and I have absolutely no regrets. Its all energy and it's crazy how much negative energy we carry with us through out the day and in our lives. Reiki work with Amor has definitely helped me come to terms with my past and has allowed me to focus more on my present moment. Can't wait to do it again!

- Alex G.