Where do i start?

You + Life was started because of this simple yet complex question. How do I achieve happiness, all the time? I began searching for what happiness meant, only to realize it was completely subjective. Instead of searching outward, I was really meant to be looking within. 

We all have beautiful sides as well as ugly ones. No one is perfect, and no one has all the answers. I came to the conclusion that we weren't meant to find out all the answers because the answers lay within each one of us.

The journey of self discovery is forever changing and evolving as we grow. We need to learn to stop trying to control every situation and go with the flow, trust our intuition. Ultimately the greatest task at hand is to let go of fear and get out of our own way. The world is here for you to manifest whatever it is that you want. 

I guess the real question here is, what do you want?

Think about it. Write it down. Dream about it.

Now here is where the real journey begins...