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You + Life started off as a concept of self improvement. I wanted to open as many doors as I could in relation to holistic healing. Starting from within and working my way outward. In my time of research, watching videos, reading books, connecting with others who were on the same path, I soon realized that this was a collective concept that could help those around me, in a way find themselves. You + Life is exactly that, you plus your life; whatever that entails for YOUR happiness. I am here as a friend, a guide, a teacher and a student, searching for the true happiness that lives within us. Here I will be sharing tips on self improvement, healthy eating, mental and emotional clarity, amongst my services of Reiki healing, birth doula, and vegan prepped meals. I look forward to connecting with you on this journey.

Love + Light


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If you're interested finding clarity, letting go of toxic energy, or looking for tools to help you attain personal goals, these "healing talks" may be what you need.



Reiki healing session

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique. It helps reduce stress and increase relaxation. It clears any blockages you may be experiencing and aids in healing mind, body, and soul.



Feel free to send energy donations allowing for me to make these healing sessions available to all.

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Find the happiness that lies within
— you + Life